Publications & Projects

Publications & Projects

Jeffrey Montez de Oca, Director
  • Montez de Oca, Jeffrey, Sherry Mason and Sung Ahn. In press. “Consuming for the Greater Good: “Woke” Commercials in Sports Media.” Communication & Sport.
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  • Montez de Oca, Jeffrey, Brandon Meyer, and Jeffrey Scholes. 2016. “Reaching the Kids: How the NFL Markets to Youth.” Popular Communication special issue on the National Football League and Neoliberal Culture, ed. Thomas Oates. Vol. 14, No. 1: 3-11. Montez de Oca,
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Jessica Kirby, Assistant Director

  • Competing and Again: Challenging the cultural narrative of women and sports through video portraiture Older athletes are not typically seen or heard in the dominant sport discourse, but instead marginalized in an individualistic culture that reveres eternal youth. Each woman’s video portrait expands the narrative of what it means to be an athlete and what’s possible in the later years of life.
  • Kirby, J.B., Roberts, S., Coakley, J., Stanec, A. & Gormley, G. (2019). Why Women’s Wrestling, Why Now: White paper on the current state of wrestling and the benefits of developing women’s wrestling programs. Wrestle Like a Girl.
  • Kirby, J.B. & Kluge, M.A. (2013). Going for the gusto: Competing for the first time at age 65. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 21, 290-308.

Elizabeth Daniels, Research Fellow

  • Daniels, E. A., Hood, A. J., LaVoi, N. M., & Cooky, C. (2020). Sexualized and athletic: The effects of viewing sexualized performance images of female athletes on viewers’ attitudes. Advance online. Sex Roles.
  • Linder, J. R., & Daniels, E. A. (2018). Sexy vs. sporty: The effects of viewing sexualized images of athletes on self-objectification in men and women. Sex Roles, 78, 27–39.
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  • Daniels, E. A. (2016). Replacing sexy and skinny with strong and powerful: How feminist research on media depictions of women can effect change. In T.-A. Roberts, N. Curtin, L. E. Duncan, & L. M. Cortina (Eds.), Feminist perspectives on building a better psychological science of gender (pp. 257-274). New York: Springer.

Jeffrey Scholes, Research Fellow

  • “Dabo Swinney, Universal Whiteness, and “a Sin Problem,” Religions, 11(4), April, 2020.
  • “Pray the White Way: Religious Expression in the NFL in Black and White,” Religions, 10(8), August 2019.