About CCSS

The mission of the Center for Critical Sport Studies (CCSS) is to cultivate an intellectual environment that supports high quality teaching and learning, and stimulates research focused on the critical study of sport while sustaining the reputation of UCCS as a center of excellence in this field. Ultimately, we aspire to make sport more democratic, accessible and humane.


The center will pursue the following objectives
  • To bring together nationally and internationally acclaimed sport scholars to lead talks and symposia for faculty, students, and wider members of the Colorado springs community;
  • To host and support visiting scholars and research fellows interested in the critical study of sport;
  • To create a collaborative space and support structure for sport scholars to share and discuss sport-related research studies;
  • To develop sport-related research internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students; and
  • To build upon the reputation of UCCS as a center of excellence in the critical study of sport

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