Climb to Glory


Center for Critical Sport Studies

Climb to Glory: eSports Tournament and Summit

Climb to Glory will feature an exciting eSports tournament played between different collegiate eSports teams. Running parallel with the tournament is an academic summit addressing pressing issues in the development of eSports as a college activity.

The Tournament

eSports UCCS is offering the opportunity for college eSports teams to play in qualifying matches in the hopes of making the championship. Teams will compete in: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Smash 4. Registration and check-in for teams will be from 9 am to 10:30 am outside of Berger Hall. Plan to arrive on time.

The Summit

Presented by the Center for Critical Sport Studies, the summit will provide a broad overview of the emergent field called eSports as an industry and site of cultural practice. This event will feature two keynote speakers and a panel on the ethical challenges of inclusion in eSports. For more information on the summit, contact the Center for Critical Sport Studies.

  • John Holden, University of Oklahoma, will be speaking to the legal and ethical aspects in eSports and future legal/ethical implications of the sport.
  • Kurt Melcher, Intersport, will be speaking to the rise of eSports (i.e. history), defining and recognizing it as an official sport, and where the future of the sport is headed.

Ethics and Access Panel

  • Andrea Braithwaite, University of Ontario, will focus on “geek” masculinity within eSports.
  • Adrienne Massanari, University of Illinois, will address Gamergate, gender and access within gaming, and “geek” masculinity within eSports.
  • Matthew R Aguilar-Champeau, University of Minnesota, will speak to race, diversity,

Climb to Glory