Molly Cotner, MA

Molly Cotner

Molly Cotner, MA

Lecturer, Sociology


Molly Cotner is a member of CCSS and a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at UCCS. Her research and pedagogy revolve primarily on critical theory, feminist theory, and intersectionality. Passionate about ethnography, Molly delves into the intricacies of social dynamics, illuminating the lived experiences of individuals and communities. Molly's contributions to the discourse surrounding the intersection of sports, marketing, and gender, including published work with Dr. Jeffrey Montez de Oca on the NFL's marketing strategies targeting women. Her latest research extends this work. Molly strives to foster inclusive environments and has an unwavering commitment to advancing social justice and human rights initiatives.

Featured Publications

Montez de Oca, Jeffrey and Molly Cotner. (2018). “Killing the Football Widow and Creating New Fans: NFL Marketing Beyond ‘Pink It & Shrink It’.” In Holly Thorpe, Kim Toffoletti and Jessica Francombe-Webb, eds. New Sporting Femininities: Embodied Politics in Postfeminist Times. London: Palgrave, 111-132.